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Currently, our cost estimate for the entire D21 project is €43,350.

To complete this budget, we rely on the association’s treasury, public subsidies, corporate sponsorship and … you!

Before giving us a hand in the shipyard, you can contribute by check or bank card (secure payment on the Stripe platform).

We will also be calling on in-kind contributions (lumber, materials, tools, clamps, etc.) but for the time being, it’s good money!

What will my donation be used for?

All donations collected on this site will be used to build the D21 sardine boat. The sums will be allocated to the overall budget of the project.

Some indicative examples of the dedication of your gift :

  • €50: a bale of tow for caulking
  • €100: 1 square meter of sail
  • €200: 5 litres of natural Norwegian tar to protect the wood
  • €1000: 1 cubic meter of oak for planking

And compensation?

A discount voucher? A sticker for the car? A T-shirt ? Look no further… At Treizour, we believe that the only valid consideration is the boat itself. A boat designed for everyone, on which you can learn and navigate, whatever your level, and whatever your involvement in the project.

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21.605€ of 43.000€ raised
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Pour faire un don par chèque, nous vous demandons de bien vouloir suivre les instructions suivantes:

  1. Faites un chèque à l'ordre de «Treizour - Amis du Port-Musée»
  2. Inscrivez au dos du chèque : « Donation D21 »
  3. Veuillez envoyer votre chèque à l’adresse suivante :

TREIZOUR - Les Amis du Port-Musée
52, rue Henri Barbusse
29100 Douarnenez

Toutes les contributions seront prises en compte avec plaisir et sont déductibles d’impôts.

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