Who are we?

The Treizour association

Our association was founded 40 years ago in Douarnenez, Finistère, Brittany. It has about 150 members. Its name, Treizour, means, in Breton, “ferryman”.

One of its first mission consisted in collecting the boats which would make possible the first Boat Museum, which gave birth to the Port-Museum of Douarnenez, as our full name recalls (Treizour, Amis du Port-Musée).

Our current fleet

Our association also built the Telenn Mor launch, launched in 1983. The first historic sailing replica of a workboat in France, this unit of ten meters announced a revival of traditional boats which gave rise to dozens of reconstructions or restorations in the following years. Telenn Mor is still sailing – probably more than ever, because with nearly three hundred trips a year, with ten passengers each time, the emblematic boat of the city is, without doubt, the most used traditional associative boat in the country!

We also sail very regularly, from February to November approximately, onboard Volonté, a large three-masted skiff, bordering a dozen oars.

Amitié, our first skiff of the same model, was entrusted to Treizour in 1988. It has been offered to the youth of France by American carpenters, entrusted to Treizour in 1988. This replica of an 18th-century boat took our team members in the race across Europe and even across the Atlantic: its construction was followed by almost eighty others, identically (like Volonté in 1998), which enabled the training of thousands of young sailors of all Atlantic shores and beyond.

We also sail aboard a Ness skiff, the traditional fishing boat of the Shetland Islands. Our skiff An Alarc’h was built for the maritime magazine Le Chasse-Marée, which entrusted it to us ten years ago. This replica of a boat launched in 1905 also played a pioneering role in showing, as early as 1988, the interest of traditional sailing and rowing boat for hiking and coastal cruising.

The brand new D21 from Douarnenez

By designing this new boat, and then starting the first unit, “D21”, Treizour intends to do much more than increase its fleet with one more boat. It is a new learning project within the association, a new joint work (the first unit built by members, carpenters and apprentices) and a new navigation medium available to all.

A flotilla to come

The plans and all the construction templates will be available for other people, associations, interested school. We only have one unit planned for the moment, but it could quickly be followed by others!

Telenn Mor and its brothers under construction will be able to sail in concert, on a cruise or to measure themselves. In that perspective, the D21 is a real promise of fun, emulation and high-quality of learning!

Everyone is welcome in Treizour, whether you are an expert or you have everything to learn to go sailing, build, maintain boats, sew or tan sails, make knots, swim rowing, sing, calculate a course, navigate the flows and depending on the weather and tides, go camping on the coast and discover the bizarre talk of seafarers…

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